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                             Space-saving floor transformation –
                             from a flat floor to an inclined floor in
                             just a few minutes                             BAVARIAN STATE OPERA
                                                                            IN MUNICH

                                                                            Fully automated wagon movement –
                                                                            lengthways, crossways or one above
                                                                            the other
                                               DR BYEN CONCERT
                                               HALL COPENHAGEN
                                               Artful tones under a massive canopy

                                                                MARIINSkY-II-THEATRE IN
                                                                ST. PETERSBURG

                                                                Passive wagon system for large stages

            Engineering know how for custom solutions

            SBS Bühnentechnik offers the full spectrum of stage engineering solutions for cultural buildings and venues. The
            stage machinery we will develop and build for you will be the best possible solution for your own individual set of
            requirements. Our vast experience in terms of the large number of projects and technical solutions that we have
            already delivered forms the ideal basis for developing new ideas or for optimising existing solutions.
            But even so, there are some challenges that are highly unusual – for example, a 76-tonne, moveable and walkable
            ceiling reflector, stage wagon systems with special requirements, requirements to convert an opera house into a
            concert hall, or stackable point hoist systems.
            What you need here are special, tailor-made solutions. Custom solutions from SBS.

                                           ROYAL OPERA HOUSE
                                           From opera house to concert hall
                                                                                  MUNICIPAL THEATRE
                                MINSk OPERA AND                                   Compact flexibility in very
                                BALLET THEATRE                                    confined space

                                 The centrepiece of every
                                 performance – a chessboard

                                                                 SHANGHAI CULTURE
                                                                 Replacing hydraulics with an
          2                                                      electromechanical solution
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